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The SOLAR ASSOCIATION TILOO is looking for collaborators:

Volunteer work

The honorary work performed by the management requires a lot of effort and time but this is the necessary to ensure that our projects are successful and properly funded. That is why we gladly take on different support tasks and responsibilities, be it for the work in Switzerland or in Gambia. In Switzerland, we are always looking for volunteers that help us with the information stands at fairs and events or that take on some of the administrative work. In Gambia, we offer placements for voluntaries for a minimum of 3 months, assisting in the project management. See our information booklet (in German only).

Are you interested in taking part? Then get in contact with us via our contact form below.


Make the sun of Gambia useful, with us!

Even as a non-profit and tax-exempt organisation we still need to cover our costs. Solar cookers and tunnel driers should remain affordable to people in Gambia, where the income levels are low. In addition, we value fair work conditions for our employees in Gambia. As such, we are dependent on financial support from others.
Every donation helps!

Win-win Situation in Schools

Would you like to sponsor a school? We will gladly provide you more details on our School Program. Get in contact with us.

With our Tiloo School Program we sponsor selected schools with two solar cookers each. After several days of training by Tiloo and with the support of their teachers, the students become capable of baking and selling snacks for the school breaks. Part of the profits go for the next school in the program. The rest is used by the students to finance the needs of their own school, like building a library or buying school material. This way, the children acquire practical experience on how to use the energy of the sun and how to deal with money.
Each school has a cost of 800 to 1'000 CHF per year. Tiloo brings the solar cookers, trains the students and makes follow-up visits. Our focus is on the schools further inland. Even though the effort to visit these schools is higher, these are the areas where our support makes the most difference.

Women power with solar energy

Give more solar power to the women in Gambia and support our Women training Groups.

One of the biggest challenges in African countries is how to preserve food. Many areas have little or no electricity, meaning there are few options to keep fruits and vegetables in proper conditions.
The tunnel driers from Tiloo allow the women in Gambia to preserve their vegetables for longer periods. With our training, they learn how to dry, package and store the vegetables in an hygienic and healthy way. Tiloo visits women groups throughout the entire country and the training sessions are conducted directly where they live.
The training of groups of women or students costs between 500 and 1'000 CHF per year. With this, we cover the costs for the training day, material, travelling and the assistance of each group for one full year.

Learning how a solar cooker works

Each presentation costs 100 CHF. Support us in spreading the knowledge and use of solar cookers throughout Gambia.

We make regular presentations about solar cookers at well frequented locations and events. In a simple and clear way, people learn how solar cookers can be used for cooking and baking.

The Tiloo «Solar Day»

Each event has a cost of 400 CHF. Help us to keep on making the Tiloo «Solar Day» in the future.

For the countries south of the Sahara, such as Gambia, the topics of climate change and deforestation are a special challenge. During our Tiloo «Solar Day» we inform people in a playful way about the benefits of solar energy and how it can help with these challenges. In addition, we make a competition with solar cooker where people can see and be convinced of the their use.

Raising awareness for solar

Help us with our awareness work by, for example, supporting the printing costs.

Besides our hands-on work, we also do a lot of awareness-raising work in Switzerland and in Gambia. Having solar energy as an alternative to the lack of conventional electricity is a great plus for the people in Gambia. It reduces environmental damages linked to the extraction and use of firewood, reduces CO2 emmissions and reduces the daily burden on women. As part o this work we produce flyers, postcards, outdoors, newspaper ads and maintain our website up-to-date.


Der Stapel donates 10. CHF to Tiloo for each book-stack sold.