Important Announcement:

The "SOLAR ASSOCIATION TILOO" paused its activities in Gambia during 2020, due to local official COVID restrictions. Following internal discussions and given the difficult conditions over the following year, operations were fully closed and a decision was reached to officially dissolve the association in Gambia and the parent association in Switzerland. This process was concluded in early 2022, sadly marking the end of a long standing work our Gambian team and local communities.

According to Swiss legal requirements, the remaining funds from Tiloo were transferred to Reforestation World, another Swiss non-profit organisation which also supports 2 community projects in Gambia devoted to mangrove restoration and community improvement.

This website will be turned off in early 2023.

We would like to deeply thank our members, sponsors and team for their continuous engagement and support over the years.

The founder and former President of the Board,

Elena Steger Kassama