Solar Cooking Promotion Day at the Beach

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Solar Cooking Promotion Day at the Beach

Tiloo Gambia was holding a Solar Cooking Promotion Day on 24 December at the Kololi Beach. The Team explained and showed to interested people the advantages of the solar devices with a solar oven and a parabolic mirror.

Early in the morning we packed the material into the car and drove to the beach. We built up the promotion stand at the Kololi Beach and Moussa began to cook fish pies in the solar oven. On the parabolic mirror we cooked delicious omelets and brew Ataya (green tea). A lot of Gambians were interested in the solar devices and the work of Tiloo. So we could give our knowledge to many people, made new contacts and sold Tiloo products.

The day was a successful day and the whole Tiloo Team had big motivation and fun. The target of Tiloo Gambia is now to frequently hold Solar Cooking Promotion Days and to join events with a small Tiloo promotion stand.


Der Stapel donates 10. CHF to Tiloo for each book-stack sold.