Training week for participants from Sutukoba

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Training week for participants from Sutukoba

Two women and two men from Sutukoba participated in the Tiloo Solar Training from 24 November to 1st December. Sutukoba is located in the backcountry of the Gambia close to the city Basse Santa Su at the Upper River Region. The region is a rural area and all participants are mainly working in agriculture.

After the official welcoming through the Tiloo Project Manager Sheriff Sonko and his team, the participants get the theoretical introductions of the solar devices from Tiloo. Over the next six days the participants learned from their teachers Isatou and Lisa how to cook with the solar cooker, how to dry food with the solar dryer as well as how to produce Soap and Body Butter. The four participants are highly interested in the topics and are convinced to transfer and using these new skills at their region.

As part of an official graduation ceremony, all participants received a certificate from Tiloo. The participants are now able to apply their acquired knowledge of Tiloo in their Sutukoba region and pass it on to other interested people.


Der Stapel donates 10. CHF to Tiloo for each book-stack sold.